Locating and testing an API

Locating and testing an API

1. Make sure you have created an account and logged in.
Account creation from : https://english.api.rakuten.net/signup

2. If you would like to test and utilize an API with a pricing plan tab, please make sure you have registered your credit card information and are subscribed to that API with the pricing plan tab (A lot of APIs have a BASIC free plan, which means you can use that plan to test the API for free as long as you stay within the quota limits). If you would like to test an API without a pricing plan tab, you will be able to right away. 
Credit card registration from : https://dashboard.rapidapi.com/billing (Please use the credentials you used to create an account above when prompted to Login to  RapidAPI site.)

3. We have several curated API collections on our site ( Recommended APIs, Popular APIs etc). When you search for an API from the search box and pick an API, below might be a guide to pick an API other than the description as well.
-Popularity / Score
-Success Rate

For more details on testing your first API, please check here

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